Disclaimer - Costs - AWS EC2, Rstudio Shiny Server, & MongoDB Atlas

Cost Minimization

I have made every attempt to minimize any costs in this course.

With that said, the only question-mark for costs are in Part 4 - Production with AWS.

In production, we will use:

  • Tidyquant - FREE (Yahoo Finance API)
  • MongoDB Atlas - Free up to 512 MB Storage
  • Shiny Server - Free
  • Amazon EC2 - ??? (Free Tier Eligible Services)

Cost Minimization - Amazon EC2

My plan is to make use "Free-Tier" Eligible services on EC2. This should control costs for those that meet the requirements (as of today opening an AWS account within 12-months qualifies).

For those that do not qualify (like me) and for those that will eventually not qualify, we will show everyone invaluable skills to manage costs:

  • How to Set Up Billing Alerts
  • How to Shut Off Servers
  • How to Avoid Unnecessary Costs


Moving forward, the only question-mark is in Production (Part 4) of the course - AWS EC2 Services. Every attempt will be made to minimize costs by using "Free Tier Eligible" services. We will also show you invaluable skills including billing alerts, how to shut off servers, and how to avoid unnecessary costs.

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