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Learn from Virtual Workshops that take you through the entire Data-Science-for-Business process of solving problems with data science, using machine learning to create interactive applications, and distributing solutions within an organization.

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Become A Data Science Rock Star

We cover the full data science spectrum. You become a data science rock star! Sign up now. Classes start in 2018!

The Virtual Workshop Program

So you're interested in applying data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence in business applications? Then we can help.

Business Science University is the only online educator that focuses on full-scale Virtual Workshops using real-world applications. The Virtual Workshop teaches you the full data science spectrum using a specific, real-world example.

Benefits to learners:

  • Build your own online GitHub portfolio of data science projects to market your skills to future employers!
  • Learn real-world applications in People Analytics (HR), Customer Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Financial and Time Series Analytics, and more!
  • Use advanced machine learning techniques for both high accuracy modeling and explaining features that have an effect on the outcome!
  • Create ML-powered web-applications that can be distributed throughout an organization, enabling non-data scientists to benefit from algorithms in a user-friendly way!

Become a data science rock star.

The Virtual Workshop Process


"Business Science teaches the full data science spectrum from developing advanced models to deploying ML-powered web applications. This is real-world data science!"

- Beau Walker, Data Scientist, Liquid Biosciences // Beau Walker Consulting

"Business Science created the life-altering packages and tutorials that got me into R"

- Jed Gore, Product Manager // R User, Sentieo


  • Will I get a certificate? No, you get something better. You build data science projects that can be added to a GitHub portfolio. These projects are exactly what employers are seeking.
  • How long do we have access? How does lifetime sound? Forever.
  • How many courses do we have to take to become confident in data science for business? This is an extremely difficult question to answer as everyone is different. Our goal is to give you training on a cross-section of high-demand problems such as customer churn, social data and text mining, financial analysis, and more. In each problem, you will learn different skills such as deep learning, H2O, LIME, Shiny, and many others. We have tracks, which are courses related to each other. After taking one track, you may assess different tracks that teach you more skills to round you out. At the end, you should feel very accomplished and your confidence will be higher, but you will still need time applying the tools to become an expert.
  • What experience level do I need to be to take the courses? Each course has a section on its homepage and in the curriculum that explains what minimum prerequisites are needed. In addition, each course has a brief quiz that can be used to gauge if you are ready for the course. Free references are provided to learn the prerequisites. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if you begin the course but don't feel that you comfortable with the material.
  • Can I use the course materials on my GitHub account? Yes, but we need to explain in terms of reproduction of work. You are free to add your work to your GitHub portfolio because this is an important part of your learning and will help in demonstrating knowledge to future employers. We draw the line at reproducing our course - Please do not attempt to reproduce our course content fully or in part in the context of teaching others to replicate our course. Business Science needs to earn a living too, otherwise the university goes away. See the Terms & Conditions for further discussion on this.