Hi, My Name is Matt Dancho. And my goal is simple.

To uncover the raw, untold secrets that are holding you back from becoming a True-Blue 6- and 7- Figure Business Data Scientist.

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Inside, I share my "war stories" from over 10+ years of becoming a data scientist, working with good (and awful) companies...

...Going from getting fired to making $350,000+ in my second year of business data science consulting...

And pulling in $1,600,000+ in my 4th year of running my own data science business...

90% Of Data Scientist Are Overlooking The Most Critical Aspect Of Success

It's not how hard you work.

It's not how many skills you have.

And it's certainly not how much math you know.

What separates the winners from the losers?

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The Secret Data Science Method I Used To Consistently Run Circles Around Other Data Scientists And Ethically Steal Promotions, Raises & Job Titles From My More Experienced Coworkers.

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