3 Course Bundle: R-Track Data Science

Business Analysis With R + Data Science For Business + Time Series Forecasting

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Get Three Premium R Courses:

Learn the Fundamentals

Apply Data Science to Business

Become a Time-Series Expert

Undergo a Complete Transformation by Learning Data Science Techniques that Get Results.

Courses designed for Business Analysts, Microsoft Excel Users, Data Scientists in Business, Consultants, and Science.

DS4B 101-R: Business Analysis with R | Data Science Foundations

DS4B 201-R: Data Science for Business | Advanced Machine Learning

DS4B 203-R: High Performance Time Series | Forecasting

Confidently apply data science within your business and advance your career.

What's included:

1. Business Analysis with R (DS4B 101-R)

A 7-week curriculum that methodically teaches the foundations of data science using R & tidyverse. You will learn:

  • Data Import: readr & odbc
  • Data Cleaning & Wrangling: dplyr & tidyr
  • Time Series, Text, & Categorical Data: lubridate, stringr, & forcats
  • Visualization: ggplot2
  • Functions & Iteration: purrr
  • Modeling & Machine Learning: parnsip (xgboost, glmnet, kernlab, broom, & more)
  • Business Reporting: rmarkdown

2. Data Science For Business with R (DS4B 201-R)

A 10-week curriculum that incorporates R & H2O AutoML to use machine learning within a business problem solving framework called the BSPF. You will learn:

  • Getting Started: Business problem foundations, introduction to the BSPF
  • Business Understanding: Using dplyr & ggplot2 to size the business problem // tidy eval to build custom functions that fit within the tidyverse
  • Data Understanding: Use skimr and GGally packages to efficiently visualize key relationships
  • Data Preparation: Use recipes to prepare data in both human and machine readable formats // perform preliminary correlation analysis
  • H2O AutoML Modeling & Performance: Use Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to produce 30+ models // analyze performance using ROC, Precision/Recall, Gain & Lift plots
  • Explaining Black-Box Models: Use LIME to explain which features are driving the complex deep learning & stacked ensemble models
  • Expected Value, Threshold Optimization, & Sensitivity Analysis: Link the model to financial performance through the Expected Value framework
  • Recommendation Algorithm Development: Use a 3-step process to develop a recommendation algorithm capable of assisting managers in retaining employees

3. Become a Time Series Expert (DS4B 203-R)

The High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course is an amazing course designed to teach Business Analysts and Data Scientists how to reduce forecast error using state-of-the-art forecasting techniques that have won competitions. You'll undergo a complete transformation learning the most in-demand skills that organizations need right now. Time to accelerate your career.

Discover What's Inside the High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course

Courses Included with Purchase

DS4B 201-R: Data Science For Business With R
Solve a real-world churn problem with H2O AutoML (automated machine learning) & LIME black-box model explanations using R
Matt Dancho
DS4B 101-R: Business Analysis with R
Your Data Science Journey Starts Now! Learn the fundamentals of data science for business with the tidyverse.
Matt Dancho
DS4B 203-R: High-Performance Time Series Forecasting
Become the time-series domain expert for your organization
Matt Dancho

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Matt Dancho
Matt Dancho

Founder of Business Science and general business & finance guru, He has worked with many clients from Fortune 500 to high-octane startups! Matt loves educating data scientists on how to apply powerful tools within their organization to yield ROI. Matt doesn't rest until he gets results (literally, he doesn't sleep so don't be suprised if he responds to your email at 4AM)!

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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