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Here's what Jeremy thought of Matt's R-Track Program

"Matt is an absolutely incredible teacher"

"His depth of knowledge and teaching style was what I needed"

"The culture Matt fosters helps students learn from each other"

"Matt has given me quite a bit of career advice as well"

"His courses are worth every penny"

Everything You Need to Become the Expert Business Data Scientist for Your Organization

1,848 Lessons, 152.9 Hours of Video, and 24 Challenges to Test Your Skills

The proof is in the results

These are the results that our 5-Course R-Track Students are achieving. Join us today. Career acceleration awaits.

Jonathan Doubled his Salary in Under 2 Years!

"I got another promotion this week and another salary bump that puts me into the 6 figures 🎉. I attribute much of my access to Business Science University (BSU)."

Will landed a $100,000+ Data Scientist position at Verizon (Fortune 500).

"Your courses contributed to me securing a 6 figure job as a data scientist for Verzion."

David landed a $100,000 Base Salary at Citi Bank (Fortune 500).

"I finally got the six-figure job offer! Thanks for all your help."

Andrew landed a $100,000+ data science career.

"I just left my job of 5 years and accepted a new data science role finally earning 6-figures. I had multiple technical interviews and a case study that I largely got through because of Business Science Courses!"

Samantha won her $100,000+ data scientist role with CVS Health.

"Happy to announce I GOT THE JOB! And I truly want to thank this course and channel for the motivation, knowledge, and support throughout my learning journey."

Jonathan was promoted to data scientist AND got a 35% raise.

"My university is promoting me to a data scientist position and raising my salary 35%. I absolutely attribute the applications of what I have learned in the R-track to the main reasons for why my promotion was approved."

Justin became a Lead Data Scientist at Northwestern Mutual.

"In less than 6 months after starting my first Business Science University course, I had fully transitioned into a role as a lead data scientist and my life is better for it!"

Jennifer landed a VP of analytics role at JP Morgan Chase.

"During my interview, I was able to do an in-depth analysis following Matt's Business Science Problem Framework and complete the project with Rmarkdown. The hiring manager fast-tracked an offer."

David doubled his salary.

"I just accepted a Data Analysis Associate Position that was on the career page of your Slack. I nearly doubled my salary. I'm so happy to start this position."

Stewart landed an Advanced Modeling Position + 20% Raise.

"I accepted a new job yesterday in the advanced modeling group in insurance pricing. Oh and a 20% raise."

Ben had 2 competing job offers.

"After five years of struggling to find the right opportunity, I now have two job offers. I can honestly say that the material learned in your courses has paid off."

Chris landed his first data science job at a Global Energy Company.

"Because of all the R courses Matt Dancho has provided, I landed my first Data Scientist role. Setting up shiny dashboards in AWS was extremely helpful during my interview."

Masatake landed a job at a prestigious consulting firm.

"Without Data Science for Business Part 2, I would have never attempted to pay attention to business/financial impacts. Matt's instruction turned me into a more advanced data scientist and helped me find a new career opportunity."

Mohana's career accelerated with 40% raise.

"After your entry into my life, I got a 10% pay raise and then after another 6-months of 26%, and in just another 2-months a 40% pay hike. I can grab a job wherever I want."

August got a 20% pay raise!

"I got a 20% pay raise. Couldn't have done it without you"

Luciano wowed his bosses.

"I'm thankful for the great Shiny Developer and Shiny Dashboard courses. I was able to take results from a project to my bosses in an internal meeting in an interactive way."

Shawn built an app for exploring the manufacturing process.

"I completed Shiny Web Apps Part 1. For my final challenge, I created an app for exploring manufacturing process scrap."

Matt made a WTI Crude Oil forecast app using Machine Learning.

"I finished Shiny Web Apps Part 1 and I used Matt's R packages modeltime and timetk to forecast Crude Oil WTI Prices."

Haresh analyzed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Medals by GDP.

"I'm still early into Shiny Web Apps Part 1, but I was able to put together a 'Gapminder'-inspired shiny dashboard examining medals won at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics."

Leo made a time series forecasting app.

"[For my Time Series Forecasting App] the High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course and Shiny Developer with AWS Courses were my inspiration."

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What's included in the 5-Course R-TRACK System?

The 5-Course R-Track is like completing years of university education but actually getting skills that organizations need right now (no fluff) and you can apply your new skills immediately as you make progress in the courses. Here's what's included.

Gain the Skills Needed to Become a Business Data Scientist!

Learn from an integrated system of 5-courses that are streamlined, integrated, and comprehensive to go from a complete beginner to a Data Scientist (and even a Senior Data Scientist).

8 End-to-End Projects

Complete 8-projects along the way. We've divided the projects to be evenly split between predictive analytics (4) and shiny web applications (4).

Skyrocket your career in 5-courses (Equivalent to 250+ MOOCs)

Beginning data scientists feel overwhelmed. Our program streamlines your progression. The result - Your Career Growth skyrockets.

Private Community Mentorship

You have full access to Matt and his community of 2000+ dedicated students learning data science. Master data science with a community that helps each other at the speed of learning.

Lifetime Access

Upon full purchase, you own the courses for lifetime. This means any upgrades and additions we make to the course, you get the course upgrades automatically. It's as simple as that.

Courses Included with Purchase

Data Science for Business Part 1
Your Data Science Journey Starts Now! Learn the fundamentals of data science for business with the tidyverse.
Matt Dancho
Data Science for Business Part 2
Solve a real-world churn problem with H2O AutoML (automated machine learning) & LIME black-box model explanations using R
Matt Dancho
Shiny Web Applications Part 1
Build a predictive web application using Shiny, Flexdashboard, and XGBoost
Matt Dancho
Shiny Web Applications Part 2
Learn how to build Scalable Data Science Applications using R, Shiny, and AWS Cloud Technology.
Matt Dancho
High Performance Time Series
Become the time-series domain expert for your organization
Matt Dancho

Original Price: $4,385

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Here's what's included.

Course #1

R for Business Analysis

A 7-week curriculum that methodically teaches the foundations of data science using R & tidyverse. You will learn:

  • Data Import: readr & odbc
  • Data Cleaning & Wrangling: dplyr & tidyr
  • Time Series, Text, & Categorical Data: lubridate, stringr, & forcats
  • Visualization: ggplot2
  • Functions & Iteration: purrr
  • Modeling & Machine Learning: parnsip (xgboost, glmnet, kernlab, broom, & more)
  • Business Reporting: rmarkdown

What's inside the 1st course?

407 Lessons, 33.9 Hours of Video, and 4 Challenges to Test Your Skills

Course #2

Data Science For Business with R

A 10-week curriculum that incorporates R & H2O AutoML to use machine learning within a business problem solving framework called the BSPF. You will learn:

  • Getting Started: Business problem foundations, introduction to the BSPF
  • Business Understanding: Using dplyr & ggplot2 to size the business problem // tidy eval to build custom functions that fit within the tidyverse
  • Data Understanding: Use skimr and GGally packages to efficiently visualize key relationships
  • Data Preparation: Use recipes to prepare data in both human and machine readable formats // perform preliminary correlation analysis
  • H2O AutoML Modeling & Performance: Use Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to produce 30+ models // analyze performance using ROC, Precision/Recall, Gain & Lift plots
  • Explaining Black-Box Models: Use LIME to explain which features are driving the complex deep learning & stacked ensemble models
  • Expected Value, Threshold Optimization, & Sensitivity Analysis: Link the model to financial performance through the Expected Value framework
  • Recommendation Algorithm Development: Use a 3-step process to develop a recommendation algorithm capable of assisting managers in retaining employees

What's inside the 2nd course?

220 Lessons, 18.3 Hours of Video, and 7 Challenges to Test Your Skills

Course #3:

Become the Time Series Expert

for your organization

Discover What's Inside the High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course

The High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course is an amazing course designed to teach Business Analysts and Data Scientists how to reduce forecast error using state-of-the-art forecasting techniques that have won competitions. You'll undergo a complete transformation learning the most in-demand skills that organizations need right now. Time to accelerate your career.

What's inside the 3rd course?

549 Lessons, 45.8 Hours of Video, and 3 Challenges to Test Your Skills

Course #4

Shiny Predictive Dashboards

Here's an example of a predictive web application that you build in this course.

New Product Prediction Application (created in this course)

Follow an Innovative 3-Part System For Learning Shiny

This web application empowers business people to make data-driven decisions by more consistently pricing products. The application incorporates:

  • Shiny - A web application framework with UI components that are reactive to user input.
  • Flexdashboard - A dashboarding framework that is built on top of RMarkdown.
  • parsnip and XGBoost - Machine learning models used to predict product prices.

What's inside the 4th course?

238 Lessons, 19.8 Hours of Video, and 4 Challenges to Test Your Skills

Course #5

Become an Expert Shiny Developer with AWS

Expert Shiny Developer with AWS Course is an amazing course designed to teach Data Scientists and Programmers how to develop applications and deploy into production! You'll undergo a complete transformation learning the most in-demand skills that organizations need right now. Time to accelerate your career!

Discover What's Inside the Expert Shiny Developer with AWS Course

Crafted For Data Scientists and Programmers
That need to deploy shiny apps into production

What's inside the 5th course?

434 Lessons, 35.1 Hours of Video, and 6 Challenges to Test Your Skills

Confidently build & deploy

Machine Learning & Time Series Models

for your organization

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Your Instructor

Matt Dancho
Matt Dancho

Founder of Business Science and general business & finance guru, He has worked with many clients from Fortune 500 to high-octane startups! Matt loves educating data scientists on how to apply powerful tools within their organization to yield ROI. Matt doesn't rest until he gets results (literally, he doesn't sleep so don't be suprised if he responds to your email at 4AM)!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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